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Cheese the First: Light Creamy Havarti - Have You Accepted Cheeses Into Your Life? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Cheese the First: Light Creamy Havarti [Aug. 21st, 2008|09:34 am]
Gouda & Chedda
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We picked up the light, creamy Havarti from Denmark's Finest at The New Pionner Co-Op, where we get all of our cheeses, along with a pretty standard baguette.

(Gouda would like to apologize for the crappy nature of her camera. Next time, we'll use Chedda's camera, which was not purchased in 2003.)

We chose a baguette and some grapes to go with our creamy cheese.

We try all of our cheeses alone at first, and then combine them with other foods you might find in your typical cheese-lover's kitchen. The Havarti was light at first taste but also unexpectedly pungent. This "Hello, I am some whammo cheeze"* sensation had to settle in, at first being rather subtle.

Gouda: "It comes to you slowly, like a lover in the night."

Gouda is enjoying her Havarti and French bread.

Chedda also finds the cheese most enjoyable.

Since it is so mild and creamy, Havarti is not a cheese that should be eaten alone. Its gooiness should be offset by something crunchy, like our baguette, or something sweet and watery, like our grapes.

Here you can see the creamy, slightly bumpy texture of the cheese.

I am torn between dubbing this a snack cheese or a meal cheese, but maybe that is because as a cheese fan (and food fan in general), snacks morph into meals quite unexpectedly at times. Either way, I recommend it with any sweet, mild fruit like grapes or apples (no citrus).

Until next week, cheese lovers!

*unnecessary personification of Havarti

(This post written by Chedda.)