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Muenster Mash and Betta Chedda - Have You Accepted Cheeses Into Your Life? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Muenster Mash and Betta Chedda [Oct. 2nd, 2008|09:01 pm]
Gouda & Chedda
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Getting a bit punchy with titles, oh-HO! Chedda here with another wham bam two-weeks-worth o' cheesy delight.

I am going to dedicate this post to Lily and Vivian, those kooky connoisseurs from Pushing Daisies. ♥

Now, on to the cheesing. Last Friday, Gouda and I sat down with a nice slab of your pretty standard muenster at College Green Park. I like muenster typically and eat it on sandwiches, but Gouda was immediately dissuaded.

"It tastes like string cheese," she said sadly.

I took another bite and had to agree. I have had a rich muenster now and again, but the subtlety of this chunk really underwhelmed both of us. We only ate it raw, but I have a few suggestions on how to liven up this mild selection:

a) Use muenster to make mac and cheese. The smoothness really accentuates this college favorite for just a few dollars more.
b) Add muenster to baked potatoes. Again, the texture really saves this cheese in my book, making it a great complementary element (particularly when melted or fried).
c) Grilled cheese sandwiches. Need I say more?

Tonight, we ventured into the tasty pungency of Vermont with Hoffman's Vermont White Cheddar. It is initially a very sweet cheese, which really blooms into a rich mixture of sharpness and creaminess. Being close to a stove, naturally Gouda and I threw some chunks in a pan with a bit of oil and curry powder (left over from a bratwurst dinner). It melts and becomes gooey, unlike the last few cheeses we have put on the stove. This brings out the sweetness even more and would be an excellent addition to any pointedly sweet or lightly tangy dish.

Enjoy your cheeeeeses, darlings!