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Introduction: Chedda [Aug. 19th, 2008|03:45 pm]
Gouda & Chedda
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Here is a slightly more specific introduction of 1/2 of the Cheese Blog team. :)

At school I study film and, unofficially and with no certificate programs, comic books and The X-Files. In my spare time I hang out with Gouda and we watch many films and go on adventures. I also love to draw and am a bit of a workaholic.

My best cheese experience happened completely by chance, when I picked up a bit of cheese for our friend Sam's party one night in October 2007. We had a very Mediterranean dinner, complete with pomegranates, olives, crusty bread, and this cheese, among other things. It was delicious. I don't remember what kind it was, though! It was Greek, I believe, but not a goat cheese. This is my true quest: to find my long-lost cheese of autumns past.

I also used to have an *IBF with the screenname cheese_is_funny.


*Internet best friend


[User Picture]From: eleraama
2008-08-19 11:26 pm (UTC)
I had a similar experience in France-- I don't know what you were, creamy delicious almost-Swiss cheese, but I will never forget you.

(If you think you might recognise the name, Wiki has a List of Cheeses you may find useful.
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