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Introduction: Gouda - Have You Accepted Cheeses Into Your Life? [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Introduction: Gouda [Aug. 20th, 2008|12:55 am]
Gouda & Chedda
And here's the other half of the Cheese Dream Team.

Gouda is a student of English literature and creative writing, and as such she lives in a box down by the river. When her fast-paced world of literary analysis*, paper-writing**, and publication rejections*** is not demanding all of her time and energy, she likes to read, scribble, watch films, and feed her various and sundry other obsessions. In addition, Gouda is fond of wasting time with Chedda and experimenting with dairy products.

Gouda has loved cheese since time immemorial. She has often called it "the perfect food." Think about it: it comes in so many varieties and textures. It's like a super-food that can morph to cater to your every taste-budial whim. Her reason for participating in this blog is not a noble quest to restore the bliss of cheese past, but rather an excuse for buying and consuming a lot of cheese.

In any case, Gouda, hand-in-hand with Chedda, would like to welcome you aboard our steamliner of fromagial adventure, and looks forward to many new experiences with you.

She's not sure why she wrote this entirely in the third person.