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Have You Accepted Cheeses Into Your Life?

"A world without cheese is chaos." ~ Winston Churchill

Gouda & Chedda
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We're just two women who want more cheese in their lives.

Way back in the spring of 2008, two groovy ladies named Colleen and Sarah were loitering in their local co-op, admiring the vast selection of cheeses contained there. Colleen remarked to Sarah that she'd always wanted to try all of those cheeses but had never had an excuse. Sarah replied that she too had faced a similar difficulty in her life. How, oh how, could they bring cheeses into their lives?

Thus, a Cheese Blog was born, and the two women shunned the names their parents gave them in favor of their new fromagial aliases: Gouda and Chedda. Now they are embarking upon a tasty adventure, two laywomen with no knowledge of any real food terminology and without any gourmet training, trying a new cheese every week and telling you, the other laypeople, what goes best with your Ramen noodles. They're bringing you a uneducated fresh perspective on the wonder that is cheese. Strap yourselves in, get out your crackers and your grater, and come along for the ride!